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Jeff Ginter Psychic Medium

 Jeff Ginter is a gifted psychic medium and Trance Healer . His public demonstrations provide audience with a glimpse into the interesting  subject of mediumship, which he delivers in his own unique style, explaining the process of connecting with the Other-Side and delivering messages, which he does with clarity, passion, and upmost integrity. Jeff is a naturally gifted Psychic Medium and was aware of spirits from a early age yet, very resistant  to follow this spiritual path for many years,even though a famous psychic had predicted this many years earlier while Jeff was attending Bible college and was street preaching at the time. After leaving College Jeff entered a career in Law Enforcement where he often relied on his intuition and after a few years Jeff had gained a reputation for his six sense abilities. Upon retiring from a career in Law Enforcement Jeff spent two years studying psychic practices and Mediumship development in the U.K.,  and devotes his time in helping others through his ability to communicate withThe Spirit World. 

Jeff has worked publicly as a psychic medium for the past 12 years and enjoy helping others with his abilities.

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 For the past 12 years, Jeff has given public demonstrations and individual psychic readings, interviewed on live  radio show and was named one of Wyoming's best psychics.  Jeff has proven his abilities to many skeptics and himself being one of the biggest skeptics. Jeff is known for giving names describing people,places, past,current and see upcoming events, descriptions.details and details offering evidence of a true, intuitive Spiritual connection. 

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Most religions believe in life-after-death, as a Medium, I have the ability to deliver messages showing  evidence of spirit communication,with facts can amaze the believer alike. Call 307-214-3897 for an appointment or E-mail

 My goal is to offer you a positive experience evidenced with facts


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Looking for insights to help improve or reshape your future ? 


A Intuitive reading can give you insight and validation to where you are on your life's path and also empower you to make the right choices so you can navigate around many of life obstacles to help improve your chances of better success. This style of reading is more  back and forth conversation, than mediumship readings.



Reconnect with your departed loved ones, by booking a mediumship reading. Our loved ones are only a thought away, there's no death, only life and the life-after. Booking a mediumship reading with Jeff can be a very healing and life changing event. Jeff will give information about your loved one, that only you would know, as evidence of a true medium or mystic can offer. After a session many report feeling confront knowing their loved ones are still very near and doing well in the after-life.   Cost of readings :  Donations only

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Client Reviews

Testimonials from clients

Hi my name is Jeff Ginter, I want to thank you for visiting my website and share more about about myself. First

Thank you so much!  I did not know what to expect when I called you, and really didn't expect what would happen a couple days later.  The things I was concerned about, well those fears were put to rest mostly the next day.  Specifically job wise  I also didn't expect the peacefulness that was there later either. I don't understand how it works, but I'm not complaining.  I want to call you again sometime, with all the stuff I forgot to ask you lol.  Again, thank you soooo much. Have a great day!   

Phone reading:

I had the most EXCITING AND EXCEPTIONAL reading from Jeff Ginter. He knew things that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE could ever know! So I can now heal with a clear mind. 

Thank you Jeff! !!✌

Dear Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me while I was visiting in Colorado.  The information you were able to pass along was life-changing for me.   As you may remember I wasn't sure what I was expecting to get from the reading or even why I was there, except that a friend had recommended I visit with you.   You initially asked if there was anyone from the other side that I wanted to communicate with.  I was quite taken back because I had no intention of asking about anyone who had passed.   I wasn't even sure I believed in life after death.   But before I could even respond, you said that someone had come through and then proceeded to describe my dad, the job he had, and how he died.   You then said my mother was coming through.  The specific evidence you gave me was amazing.  You were describing her physically and her personality as if she were right there. Things she collected that were important to her.   You were able to see how she passed and the relationship that she and I had while she was ill.  You even described the only dog she ever had that was dear to her and you told me she had her little dog with her even then.  

The most powerful moment was when you described her holding and hugging a little boy.  Then you said she was giving you a number.  That number was the current age of her oldest and very beloved great-grandson. You were describing a beautiful and precious photo of my mother getting a big hug from her oldest great-grandson.   He was thanking her for his birthday present.   That photo is framed and sits on a shelf in his music room.

There were so many other important messages that you were able to give me that day.  I'm  not exaggerating to say that it was a life-changing experience for me.   The information you gave me helped me find peace.  It helped me confront unresolved issues of grief that I didn't even know I was carrying around.   Mostly I'm grateful because after I saw you I was able to let go of the doubts I had about life after death and my own spirituality.  Thank you for that time.  Thank you for sharing my mother's living spirit with me.  

Thanks and blessings! 

 Jeff. You were spot on, on so many things. I've been processing all this as I'm sure is expected... In search of more answers and seeing how spot on you are, I would like to speak with you again . Tammy 

Mr. Jeff,

Thank you for the reading and healing today. I had heard several wonderful things about you, not only about the services you do, but as a person. 

From our initial communication, you came across as caring and vibrant. I was pretty nervous about my first reading/healing, but you helped make the experience a positive one, understatement of the year.

I genuinely, am grateful for you and your services, the closure it brought me today after 17 years is unimaginable. I couldn't wait to share with my family and friends the experience and telling them, 

​ "you need to contact this guy, he's amazing!!!!" 

Kind Regards,


I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you today, I know there was a lot of information given and it will take several days to

process, The healing was very clear and direct, I wouldn't be surprise if you daughter picked-up on the healing. .I look froward to hearing from you in the future. Jenifer 


It was wonderful to meet you and I can't thank you enough for being 

willing to come to my home and do the reading. I feel a lot better about

my moms passing and knowing that she is near me still is overwhelmingly

comforting. I also send thanks from Pam, though you were not here to 

read for her you willingly passed along the messages as they came 

without hesitation. I believe this reading will help her tremendously as

well and is appreciated greatly.  Thanks again!

Merry Christmas to you and yours 

Hello Jeff,It was such a pleasure meeting you the other day at Northern Lights.  I so appreciated your gift -

it came at just the right time! Have a Merry Holiday Season filled with light and laughter ~In gratitude,


​Hi, I have visited with Jeff a few times now. He has a gift and I am grateful that he shares it! 

Thank you helping me understand some of the issues regarding my Dad's passing. 


good morning thank you so much for yesterday I feel wonderful and cannot thank you enough!


Thank you so much!


My stomach issues are gone! 

 I can't believe all the information you got, it's amazing.


Hi Jeff, yes we've seen positive changes since last Friday. I just want to say how amazing ....... You are truly amazing,and you have a truly blessed gift.  Judi  


​I brought my grandson in for a healing session, I was concerned about a few things,

one being he hadn't walked yet, at 19 months old. 

He also hit his head with his hands a lot.  Jeff intervened through prayer & the spirit. 

 During the session it was revealed that He had headaches & depression carried over from mother while she was pregnant.  He immediately stopped hitting his head & has never done it since !

 Also that nite he started walking like a gorilla. Glory be on Good Friday he walked on his own!!! Hes sooo proud of himself! Hes still a little wobbly but hes doing it! Miracles never cease to amaze me. 

Thank u Jeff for your healing and strength....  Sherry 

Hi Jeff, yes we've seen positive changes since our reading with you last Friday. I just want to say how amazing it was for me to watch you read, Your are truly amazing,and you have a truly blessed gift. 

See you again soon. Take care yourself.  JANET

I realize that many people are skeptical of psychics and mediums.  Although I have always been a believer that there is an afterlife and that some people have the ability communicate with those who have died, my experiences with both Lisa and Jeff have completely reaffirmed those beliefs. 

Their abilities are real and their gifts are unquestionable. 

 They told me things that there is no way they could possibly ever have known.  During my first reading I immediately connected with my dad who died in January.  This life changing experience has helped me heal the profound grief I was experiencing. I have told many people about their abilities and will continue to do so.  I Jeff’s gifts can help others heal from losing a loved one by demonstrating that even though they physically are gone, they are still with us. If you have any doubt, get a reading yourself.  Only then will you understand.

Robin L . 

 I had a healing session with Jeff on Wednesday. While there, I believe my Mom came through. She always said "don't you hide your light under a bushel basket". We were discussing that and the lights went out for a few minutes. It was thrilling to me. I went to see my neurologist on Thursday and had a MRI. The results we wonderful ! 

My brain tumors have shrunk and I don't have to take chemo any more! I believe this wonderful news is because of my session with Jeff. Thank you, Jeff!  

I am like a new woman! I went in with one of the worst headaches I have ever had and I am completely pain free today! I just feel so much lighter in general thank you both for all that you have done for me.   I would like to see Jeff again, Plus I have a couple friends that want to go just because of the dramatic change in me today!   Have a wonderful day! Dana​

Dear Jeff,

I just want to take time today to say thank you for the profound healing session you gave me the other day. I had twisted my back the day before and had profound pain to the point movement was difficult and I had to wear a back brace. I could not pick up my children or do the most basic chores around the house. I wanted to tell you that today, the day after our session I am 90% better. No more pain meds or back brace. I was able to get out of bed and do the things that I normally do during the day, lift my toddler into her high chair etc. It has given me so much peace. Thank you so very much and god bless you!


Thank you for your note. My reading was exceptionally inspiring.  The work on my audio book, "The Origin of Balance", progresses tenfold since our meeting.  Gratitude is not word enough to express my feelings to you and Jeff. I welcome an opportunity for a long association with the both of you.


Thank you for your time and it really was a pleasure to meet both of you.  The healing session was very interesting and powerful for me.  I noticed, after getting home that the section of my back that he had been touching- well, all of the muscles (which are normally tight from anxiety, stress, workload, toxins, etc.) were almost laying smooth next to my spine, and only on the side that he had placed his hand.  I don't know if this is something that others have experienced, but wanted to pass this along as I found it very interesting and powerful.

You giving me a reading gives the balance back to my life, and emotions too It's like a cleansing to me, I am able to put more prospective To my issue


Jeff did a reading and energy clearing in my store last month. The energy in the store was so different and sales increased!!!  He has a true gift so glad he is willing to share


Love and respect to you always.

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